Saturday, 30 March 2013

Welcome to Writing Workshops and Competitions

Hello, my name is Debbie Wilkinson and welcome to my blog.

One reason I chose to create this blog is in order to provide information about the competitions I organise.  I also intend to share details about activities I become involved in, mostly in relation to the competitions although I can't rule out there may be a rogue posting or two discussing  matters about writing with no connection to the competitions I organise.   That's not to say I am admitting to be a rogue and neither am I suggesting I will knowingly allow a rogue to access my blog to make a post. 

Also, as I cannot programme the blog on the competition website to accept followers, namely  another reason I have created this site is to ensure I am able to communicate with all you lovely bloggers out there.  Over some considerable time I've read many an interesting and useful blog and I've finally decided I'd like to join the blogging community.

If you like to enter writing competitions you'll be pleased to know the aims of Erewash Writers' Competitions is to encourage and reward writing through means of competitions with free-entry and others which ask for a reasonable entry fee.

Thanks for reading my first blog post.


  1. Hello Alan, Helen, Lizy and Patsy, thanks for popping in, even though I have yet to decorate around here. Still finding my way around actually.

  2. Replies
    1. Hello Stuart. Sorry I've taken so long to reply, but I've only recently started getting back into blogging again.


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