Thursday, 4 April 2013

E is for Entry


Despite the bitter cold I noted the sun shone during this evening and it struck me what a wonderful event evenings are when they stay brighter for longer.

That led me to idle for a while and I stared out to the lawn as the light began to fade. A blackbird and a robin made the last call to eat from the bird table in my garden before flitting off to their nests.

To maintain the strict rules of entry to my garden I’ve erected signs in strategic points around my garden. Signs stating ‘NO ENTRY CATS’ and ‘CATS KEEP OUT’ convince me the neighbourhood cat patrol is being kept at several paws length from my feathered friends, as I rarely see any cats. It’s not that I don’t like cats. It’s simply a fact birds have always ruled the roost in my garden.

The competitions I organise also have Rules of Entry. You can find them if you follow these links:




Good evening to you.



  1. A day after you wrote this and I've just enjoyed a lovely walk in the evening light.

    The only rule was that I enjoyed myself, and I did. Full stop!


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