Friday 19 April 2013

RESULT for 'START' Flash Fiction Competition 2013

This information will also be posted to the competition website as soon as I am able to access it.
Problems with Weebly at present.

Our thanks to Dan Purdue  for judging the competition entries and providing his book as part of the first prize Somewhere To Start From and you can find this on Amazon

You can read Dan's report for the three final entries on the competition website (will be posted there soon).

Winning entry - The Castle by Tony Oswick

Second Place   - The Weight of Stones by Jenny Long

The competition was to have provided first and second places only, but I'm pleased to say an
Honourable Mention has been awarded to You Start by Fiona Faith Ross.


Bonds by Jane Connop
Bubby by Gail Aldwin
Caught Unawares by Jan McGeachie
Descending and Ascending by Tim Craig
Don’t Start by Brian Webster
Fresh Start by Barbara Hill
It Started with a Kiss by Keith Havers
Judgement Day by Jilly Gardiner
Room Nineteen by Jim Hamilton
Start by Steve Clough
Start by Esther Doel
Start by Joan Phillipps
Starting Over by Ros Collins
The Castle by Tony Oswick
The Darkness, Waiting by Sinead O'Hart
The Fright of their Lives by Rob Tye
The Leather-Clad Phoenix by Heather Price
The Portrait by Cathy Lennon
The Weight of Stones by Jenny Long
You Start by Fiona Faith Ross


Don’t you Start by Lyndsay Fisher
Follow Me by Sadie Wikiel
 Fresh Start by Linda Hardy
Incendiary by Renay Allen
Over the Brink by Devika Rajeev
Riot by Lyndsay Warner
Start from Scratch by Julie Kilpatrick

Remember, you may not have won this competition but by entering it you have gained a complete story. I suggest you read Dan's report, read the winning entries and read your entry with a critical eye.  Ask yourself if your entry could be improved then either send it somewhere else, or expand on the idea to make a longer piece of work. 

We are currently inviting entries to the following competitions and would be pleased to receive your work.  Please see the links for full details, rules of entry and entry form:

Entry form

Thanks to all who entered this competition.

Kind regards,


  1. Congratulations to the winner and everyone that participated. Deborah, these competitions are a wonderful initiative - so well done to you too!

  2. Thanks, Helen. I enjoy organising them.

    Congrats to Tony, Jenny, Fiona and all who entered.

  3. This from Tony today (actually I am gob-smacked at the speed of the post):

    Dan's book arrived this morning. I'm looking forward to reading it.

    Thanks again to you, Debbie, and everyone involved, for your hard work and efficiency in running the competitions. It's greatly appreciated.



  4. Hello, Debbie! Wishing you a great week!!

    Happy A to Z-ing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

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